Moss as we know it...

Aug 8th

Moss - as you may have noticed - has become quite the trend in the past couple of years... and with good reason! who doesn't like the thought of cool, green, fuzziness underneath our feet. or in a bowl. or hanging on the wall. or well anywhere within view for that matter! unfortunately, here in sunny (a bit of spite in my voice) Texas - we don't grow too much moss, not long term anyway. i occasionally have the privilege of stumbling across a cute little stand hiding in a shady stone path... or wandering up the bark of a tree (see photo -yes i took that here in sunny Texas) i've used it in terrariums. i use dried moss for indoor arrangements and accents all the time. But i stumbled across some other ideas for moss - that may just get you thinking about moss in a whole new light... i know i am!

living moss table by Ayodhyatra more info here

living moss bath mat by Nguyen La Chanh more info here

living moss headboard by Lovetann more info here 

living moss on tree (Dallas resident) by E. Cauble 

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