Now that's an idea...

Aug 5th

Let me just say, Emily and Heat - do not go well together, and well 36+ days of 100 degrees... is just about ridiculous! let me rephrase - IS RIDICULOUS.  i love texas for many reasons - but heat, unrelenting, dry heat, that makes grown men cry - is not one of them! that said, while longing for ways to get my plant fix - sans swelter - i came across this novel idea, and just couldn't keep it to myself!

Tuscany-based designer, Carmel Walsh - takes us for a 'walk on the wild side' with her botanical infused shoes... great for walking, planting, and being the talk of every summer party!! the best part is - you can wear them INSIDE!!

I can envision these with so many different plantings - something for every season... succulents for summer, little baby conifers for winter, full of herbs for spring... and what about moss - oh my goodness... enough to make you forget all about that darned heat-miser!

see the full write-up on Carmel Walsh and her Living Shoes here.

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