Spring Has Sprung....

March 18th

...well not according to the calendar - but if you happen to live in North Texas - you may know just what i'm talking about! I'm a little taken aback by just how springy it is... i mean - the tulips are almost done, and that makes me quite sad... seeing as how i haven't had many chances to get out of the office and take pictures. In fact - i missed some tulips that we planted entirely! But i did get a chance to snag a few pics of just what i see when i think of spring, like all the dormant perennials that start emerging - and they are so darsh gone cute when they are just peeping up out of the ground! You can drive past any garden center and they are already bustling with people who have been bitten by the planting bug... well here's to spring! may it be long and colorful -

i hope you take the time to stop and smell the roses (or any other plant that tickles those olfactory senses of yours)!

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