The Cool way to Compost

Nov 30th

Composting is becoming quite the trend for urban gardeners... and although this practice has been going on for centuries - never has it looked so cool as it does now! Check out these custom compost bins - designed and built by the cool cats at Clint Horticulture!

These really are Cool Compost Bins - no really. There are two kinds of composting - Hot and Cool. Cool Composting (also known as Slow Composting) is a much lower maintenance route, generally taking 6 months to 2 years to decompose, before you incorporate it back into the garden. There is no turning involved - you just pile up your grass clippings, leaves, twigs, food remains, etc., and let nature take it's course. It is important to keep weeds and diseased plant materials out of cool compost piles because the temperatures do not get high enough to kill them. However cool composting has been shown to better suppress soil-borne disease than hot composting.

For more information on Cool Composting and backyard composting in general - check out NRCS

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